Support for business competence

Development of business is a priority in Zemgale region because competitive, innovating and export driven businesses are the foundation of economic development of a region and a state.

Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre provides support to:

New businesses:

  • Provides individual mentor advices in cooperation with regions businessmen;
  • Offers to learn necessary basic knowledge in 8 educational programs;
  • Supports cooperation with Junior Chamber International Latvia to facilitate development of new business ideas.


  • Provides information support by e-mailing information on events and offers in business;
  • Provides consultations;
  • Organizes educational events and seminars;
  • Offers thematic discussions on city and region development processes and possibilities of improving business competitiveness beyond state borders;
  • Carries out 35 programs for the development of business competence;
  • Develops and carries out new programs ordered by a business, based on the needs of a specific business;
  • Involves businessmen in the creation of education orders and offers and development of education quality.

All activities in business development are planned by taking into account the advices of businessmen, demand and developments in the economy of the state.

Zemgale business catalog

To support local businesses and gather information on the services and products produced and sold by enterprises in the region Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre has created an electronic Zemgale business catalog. Information is structured in 3 parts:

  • Services;
  • Production;
  • Trade.

Every businessman has the chance to include information on his business in the catalog via e-mail:

Innovation is a keyword to competitiveness of a business.

We invite you to become a client of Enterprise Europe Network.

By filling out an application form also in Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre, you will have the chance to electronically receive free of charge information on the latest technology offers and orders in a specific sector, exhibitions, projects and other events in more than 40 states.

In cooperation with innovation support structures we provide consultations on introducing new technologies and using them in business, patenting and chances for developing design samples, testing and certifying requirements for products and materials and in the EU.

In cooperation with Latvia Technological Centre and businesses we organize Innovation days and practical seminars.