Support for Youth

The main aims of activities:

  • To promote high school level research work amongst students;
  • To promote informed choice of carrier, initiative and responsibility amongst youth;
  • To offer advice and support on successful inception of studies.


1. Involving students with research of pending matters of local authority:

  • Topics for student research work offered by Jelgava`s local authorities and enterprises;
  • Workshops and consultations for students and scientific consultants;
  • Organisation of conference related to student research work in Jelgava.

2. Increasing students` responsibility and involvement in fulfilling youths` quality of life:

  • Possibility to get involved in dealing with matters of education (like planning, running and evaluating of different projects);
  • Training of New leaders.

3. Youth programs:

  • Junior University. Jelgava local municipality funded support program for 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th grade students from Jelgava city educational institutions with high educational achievements in math and sciences - unusual and exciting teaching methods are used to peak students interest and improve their results in these study subjects.
  • Microsoft IT Academy. A chance for high school students to improve their IT knowledge and receive a Microsoft Office specialist certificate.
  • Basics of journalism for youths who are interested in journalism and the art of audiovisual media. For those who want to develop their creative skills in this field, gain new knowledge and methods for research and analysis of public opinion and portrayal of it to the public.
  • Basics of CNC: for everyone interested in sciences and technology or good at drawing.
  • English language for high school students with pending English exams and The English summerhouse for pupils willing to improve their conversational English during the summer break.

4. Career siroup - a yearly event to help pupils get aquainted with specifics of differnet occupations