About us

Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre (ZRKAC) is a municipal educational institution. Our aim is to offer and provide lifelong education for each inhabitant of Jelgava city and Zemgale region.

Directions of activity

Development of Human capital Person’s abilities for a fruitful and active economic activity, their knowledge, skills and experience

Development of Knowledge economy Economy that develops based on the use of intellectual potential of people

Development of Information society Society that has knowledge, ability and opportunity to acquire information, associate it with existing knowledge and use this new knowledge to improve prosperity


Work of the center is sustained by 4 departments:

  • Education and IT development department
  • Entrepreneurship support department
  • Department of further education of adults
  • Metal working training park

The basic activities of each department are:

  • Educational work (courses of further education, seminars, conferences, events to exchange experience)
  • Methodological work (development of new educational programs, developing teaching aids, evaluation of quality of studies)
  • Research work (to clarify the most demanded educational programs, to find out jobseekers’ concepts and intentions, researching of students’ achievements)
  • Informative work (informative events, presentations, exhibition of literature, reviews of internet resources)

Our offer of educational programs is aimed at the improvement of professional competences and development of personality; however, it is also for anybody who would simply like to broaden his/her outlook:

  • Jobseekers
  • Employees of different institutions ,companies and organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • School teachers
  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Seniors
  • Information society
  • You